About Brand Touch ®

The old marketing model worked well for over a century. Advertisers reached out with ads in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV to consumer eyeballs. And consumers responded by driving to the store to buy. Or some opened their mailbox and bought from a catalog or letter. A one-way experience. Clients announced. Consumer bought or not.

As the century turned, something remarkable happened. Consumers gained power over brands. Not a little power. Enormous power. The Internet allowed consumers to talk back. And they used the power. To scold, to plead, to purchase, to learn, to tell. They used the Internet to reach in and touch brands directly. 

And once consumers got a taste of control, they asked for more.

Rinck Advertising developed our Brand Touch® marketing philosphy based on primary and field research with consumers. We took our theories online and into the field. We refined. And we listened to what consumers had to say.

There's a lot to say about Brand Touch, but for now, you should know that all consumers are important.

But... some are more important than others.

A lot more important. And they can make all the difference.